Enchanting 1.94 ct Afghan Ruby with a Lush Purplish Red Hue


Behold the natural elegance of our 1.94 ct Afghan Ruby, a purplish red gemstone that embodies sophistication with its pristine cushion cut and untreated purity.

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Product Highlights

  • Gemstone Type: Natural Ruby
  • Weight: 1.94 ct
  • Measurement (mm): 8.66 x 6.81 x 3.34
  • Color: Purplish Red
  • Shape: Cushion
  • Origin: Jegdalak, Afghanistan
  • Treatment: None

Product Description

Step into the realm of luxury with our 1.94 ct Afghan Ruby, a gem that radiates with a deep purplish red color. Meticulously sourced from the historic Jegdalak mines of Afghanistan, this cushion-shaped marvel measures 8.66 x 6.81 x 3.34 mm. Its natural splendor is untouched by any treatments, revealing the stone’s authentic charm and making it an ideal centerpiece for bespoke jewelry.

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Ruby Gemstone: Properties, Meaning, Benefits and Origins

Ruby gemstone, known for its vibrant red color, is a precious gem that has been cherished for centuries. In this guide, we will explore the physical properties of ruby, its meaning, birthstone significance, healing properties, and the difference between synthetic and natural ruby.

Physical Properties

Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum, with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, making it one of the hardest gemstones. Its intense red color is due to the presence of chromium. The refractive index of ruby ranges from 1.76 to 1.78, and its specific gravity is between 3.97 and 4.05.


Ruby can have varying degrees of clarity, ranging from transparent to opaque. Inclusions, such as rutile needles or silk-like fibers, are common in natural rubies and can affect their value. However, some inclusions, like the "silk" effect, can enhance the gem's beauty and value.

Meaning and Birthstone

Ruby has long been associated with love, passion, and courage. It is considered the birthstone for July and is believed to bring good fortune and protection to those born in this month.

Healing Properties and Benefits

According to crystal healing practitioners, ruby is believed to have various healing properties. It is thought to stimulate the heart chakra, promote vitality, and enhance motivation and self-confidence. Ruby is also said to improve blood circulation and support the immune system.

Synthetic vs Natural Ruby

Synthetic rubies are created in a laboratory and have the same chemical composition as natural rubies. While synthetic rubies have the same physical properties as natural ones, they are generally more affordable. Natural rubies, on the other hand, are rare and highly valued for their authenticity and natural beauty.

Geographical Origins

Ruby deposits can be found in various parts of the world, including Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, and Mozambique. Each location produces rubies with unique characteristics and qualities.

Whether you are drawn to ruby for its captivating color, its symbolic meaning, or its healing properties, this gemstone continues to captivate and inspire.