Spinel gemstone is a rare and stunning gemstone that is highly valued in the world of jewelry. It is a magnesium aluminum oxide mineral that comes in a range of colors, including blue, pink, black, and red. Spinel is often mistaken for other gemstones, such as ruby and sapphire, due to its similar appearance. However, spinel is a unique gemstone with distinct properties that make it stand out from the rest.

Pink Spinel From Tajikistan

Properties of Spinel Gemstone

Spinel has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, making it a durable gemstone that is suitable for everyday wear. It has a refractive index of 1.71 to 1.73 and a specific gravity of 3.58 to 4.06. Spinel is also highly resistant to heat, chemicals, and scratching, making it an ideal choice for jewelry that is designed to last.

One of the most unique properties of spinel gemstone is its pleochroism, which means that the gemstone can exhibit different colors when viewed from different angles. This property is most noticeable in spinel gemstones that have a strong color saturation, such as red and blue spinel.

Another interesting property of spinel is its fluorescence. Under UV light, some spinel gemstones can exhibit a bright, neon-like glow that adds to their beauty and appeal.

Types of Spinel Gemstones

Spinel gemstones come in a variety of colors, each with its own unique characteristics and properties.

Blue Spinel Gemstones: Blue spinel gemstones are highly sought after for their intense blue color, which is often compared to that of sapphire. They are usually found in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania and are considered to be one of the rarest types of spinel gemstones.

Pink Spinel Gemstones: Pink spinel gemstones are known for their vibrant pink color and excellent clarity. They are often found in Burma, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka and are a popular choice for engagement rings and other types of jewelry.

Black Spinel Gemstones: Black spinel gemstones are often used as a substitute for black diamonds due to their high luster and excellent durability. They are typically found in Thailand and are a popular choice for men’s jewelry.

Red Spinel Gemstones: Red spinel gemstones are the rarest and most valuable type of spinel. They are often mistaken for ruby due to their deep red color and high clarity. Red spinel is found in Sri Lanka, Burma, and Tanzania and is a popular choice for high-end jewelry.

Value of Spinel Gemstones

The value of spinel gemstones is determined by several factors, including their color, clarity, size, and origin. Red spinel is the most valuable type of spinel and can command prices that are comparable to those of high-quality rubies. Blue and pink spinel are also highly valued and can fetch high prices, especially if they exhibit excellent clarity and color saturation.

Spinel gemstones that are untreated and have not been subjected to any kind of enhancement or treatment are more valuable than those that have been treated. Heat treatment is a common practice in the gemstone industry and is used to enhance the color and clarity of some types of spinel.


Whether you are a collector or simply love beautiful gemstones, spinel is an excellent choice for its unique characteristics, rarity, and stunning beauty. Its versatility in jewelry makes it a great option for both casual and formal occasions. Additionally, its durability and resistance to scratches and chemicals ensure that it will maintain its stunning appearance for years to come. If you are in the market for a precious gemstone that is not as well-known as diamonds or rubies, consider spinel gemstones for their beauty, value, and uniqueness.